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ProAnd Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd

ProAnd Associates is an consulting and advisory company that specialises in  working with  the meat industry, associated organisations and companies to improve bottom line returns at all levels and size of an organisation.

ProAnd Associates provides a complete business and technical service to all levels of  the meat industry.

Primary Processors  Wholesale and Distribution
Secondary Processors & Manufacturers  Retailers 
Industry Bodies  Government Departments and Agencies

Our business is single industry focused covering the complete range of operations from farm to retail shelf. Our range of services is complete and varied and the markets and clients serviced by the company are worldwide.

ProAnd Associates understand the complex environment in which the meat industry operates. We provide a totally integrated range of services to help your organisation increase plant and processing efficiency, reduce marginal costs and improve returns from products and processes.

Working to Improve Your Bottom Line

Building, upgrading or extending  your plant?    
Want to determine your competitive position in the industry?
Need to reduce operating costs?
Providing a structured approach to improve your bottom line
Want to increase revenues?
The services ProAnd provides for clients 

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