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Determining The Competitive Position of Your Company

Meat processing companies compete in many markets both in buying livestock and selling product.  Companies develop different products from the same raw materials and trade in markets with constantly varying prices and market demand.  How can you determine that the resources that are employed and the operations of the business are providing the optimal return for the effort and assets employed?

There are essentially two ways of viewing the performance of a meat processing business:

By financial measures
Relative costs incurred in the generation of income
Revenue generated
By the use of employed assets
Plant and Equipment utilisation and capacity
Labour utilisation and effectiveness

ProAnd Associates uses 4 tools to measure the performance of a meat processing plant / business:

Comparative financial benchmarking
Labour plant utilisation audit
Plant / technology audit
Plant modelling - mass balance and plant utilisation.

The use of these tools allows for a standardised approach to measurement of plant positioning and performance identifying areas of opportunity to be identified and actions prioritised to improve the performance of the business.

These improvements may then be planned and implemented in a number fo areas and performance improvement measured:

Process development
Plant expansion/modification/improvement
Technology development/implementation
Market definition and development
Strategic planning and development

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