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A Structured Approach to Business Improvement

For each of the projects undertaken by ProAnd Associates we develop a methodology and approach that is based on a core model that structures a project and allows for measurable results.

Determine the present situation/position.  This allows the actual of the operations/business to be established in absolute rather than subjective terms and provides a base reference measuring outcomes of the projects.
Establish agreed project parameters and KPI's. - Define the project outcomes
Complete the project
Review the outcomes and determine the next steps forward.

Why do projects fail or deliver sub optimal results?

Incomplete core information
Confused drivers for the project
Lack of definition of expected or planned outcomes
Unrealistic expectations
Failure to employ correct or sufficient resources
Failure to monitor progress against milestones and agreed KPI's
etc, etc.

Adopting a structured approach to a project does not guarantee success but it does address the the issues underlying failure and puts in place the measures to be able to measure progress and outcomes to defined expectations.


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